• I truly enjoy learning about a person, their career path, and the industry they compete in. When I write for a client and create new messaging and strategy that helps them land a coveted role, my reward is seeing them move forward with confidence and watching the positive impact they have on their industry and the brand they're working with.” ~ Belinda

    I am the voice of the career narrative for an amazing clientele of A-Listers in Retail, Publishing, Media, Broadcasting and Consumer Product industries. I work with leaders and senior talent across a variety of roles in C-Suite Management, Digital/e-Commerce, Store/Emerging Spaces, Brand Marketing, New Products, Design and Creative Talent. My deep knowledge is in new career paths and industry trends in Consumer Retail Fashion & Shopping, Health & Beauty, and Luxury Products.


    At the very heart of my work, I am a researcher and interviewer. I love learning about people and the amazing work they do in their industries. My talent is bringing their stories to life.


    If you want to land a new role or take your career in a different direction, you need every advantage you can get. You need a clear message, strategy, insight into the job market, the confidence to network, and the skill to navigate the online world and LinkedIn platform. I share my personal experience along with my professional expertise from 15+ years in Human Resources and Executive Search, working on all sides of the hiring desk, bringing you confidence building one-on-one coaching, powerful writing, and impactful networking strategy to help you navigate change in your career.


    Expertise: Career Pivots, Transitions, Reboots, and Reinventions


    Career Coach, Consultant, LinkedIn

    Professional Branding, Positioning & Messaging

    "First impressions are lasting impressions and you only get one chance to make a first impression ..."

    It takes a person less than seven seconds to make a decision about you when they view your profile online. Professional Branding is about how you are perceived by others. I help you create an authentic and engaging professional image that builds credibility through visual and written content that communicates your unique brand identity. We explore your backstory, professional values, strengths and talent, the things you are passionate about in your career, and most importantly - where you want to take your career.

    Career Strategy & Social Media

    "If you want different results, you need to change your approach ..."

    I help you take the "randomness" out of your career path and begin making smart decisions by creating a game plan and strategy for your career. Today's world of Job Search is not what it was 10 years ago (and not even last year). It's changing that fast. I help you understand this new horizon and show you how to build influence with decision makers in the companies and industries you want to work. I lead you into the 'front door' of the company.

    Targeted Job Search

    Target the company ... not the job posting!!

    Fact: Over 85% of positions are filled through inside referrals, NOT by applying to online job postings. If you want results, build a target list of industries and companies that you want to work for and develop relationships and a referral network from inside. Build your list + Research + Connection = A New Job.

  • Professional Services

    New Job / Transition Strategy & Coaching | Professional / Executive Resumes/CV’s | LinkedIn Profile Writing, Styling, and Optimization | Professional Bio’s | Navigating Online Job Search | Industry Research Networking & Influence | Career Pitches, Talking Points and Messaging | LinkedIn Company Pages

    Clients can work with me in two ways:

    Hourly or Monthly Retainer Agreement

    Hourly: For writing updates/polish, targeted resumes, updates to LinkedIn profiles, etc.


    Retainer: For those individuals who are looking for a new role, promotion or changing careers/industries and for those who want support throughout the job search process (typically 3-4 months).


    WHY: To meet the individual needs, projects, and budgets of the clients I work with. People don’t fit into “packages.” The level of professionals I work with already have career writing (resumes and LinkedIn profiles) – what they need are updating, styling, new focus, positioning, etc.


    I am not your conventional resume writing service. My approach is to give my clients a new strategy, compelling writing, confidence, insight, and knowledge -- and to be there for them through each step of landing that next role or career move.


    NOTE: Landing a new role is not a fast or easy process – it takes time, diligence, new skills, and strategy.


    My mission is to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with a small, select group of clients. Working with me means that you will be given my full attention, open communication, availability, and access to my carefully curated network. What's different about working with me is the way in which I collaborate - I dive deep and work closely with my clients to fully understand the unique challenges they face and offer strategically sound solutions and advice. I am more than a writer. I work with you on a personal level to understand your life, what you want from your career, and how you want to work with others and impact the world. My goal is to bring visibility to your personal brand, position you in the market, and help you land the role that matches your values and talent to help companies, organizations, and brands bring value to their business.



    Director of Communications and Public Relations - Hospitality/Tourism

    Sr. Director, Marketing (Global Hotel Group)

    VP, Digital Brand

    CMO, Retail

    Design Director, Digital/E-Commerce (CPG)

    Creative Director - Beauty

    VP, Technology Consulting

    Senior Director, Regional Marketing (New Food/Grocery)

    Luxury Brand Consulting/Residential Experience Manager - One Madison

    Senior Operations and Account Manager - Design Firm




    Public Relations Director

    Communications &

    Destination Tourism

    "I connected with Belinda through a former colleague and within the first five minutes of our conversation, I knew it was one of the best career decisions I've ever made ... She has been a steady sounding board throughout my career and I am proud to call her my executive career coach and friend."


    Product Development + Merchandising Expert

    "Belinda is an expert career strategist who is interested in the total success of her clients. Belinda used her expertise in LinkedIn to boost my online visibility, catapulting my profile into the top Merchandisers on the LinkedIn! ... she is extremely encouraging and gave me the confidence I needed to apply to positions in line with my career goals ... this is the first time I believe I am receiving the career boost I need and have worked so hard for all these years"


    Fashion Event Producer, Advisor and Consultant

    "If you are looking to jump start or re-brand your career, Belinda is the person to consult with to make this happen. I worked with Belinda on revamping my Linkedln profile and the moment that happened I started securing more clients. As I notice the flux of opportunities that started to pour in, I started sharing my experience in my classes with other industry professionals and students. Working with Belinda is first-class!"


    Executive-Level Design Professional

    "There aren't enough good things to say about Belinda... You can read her press and think you understand what you are going to receive. And then, she surprises you by providing the very thing you didn't know you needed. That's the mark of a true professional... the one who knows to ask and offer that which was beyond your horizon.

    Belinda's genuine interpersonal skills mark her as the rare coach and champion that will make all the difference in one's career path... She certainly did for mine!"

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    I rewrote the narrative of my career, let me help you write yours!

    Belinda launched BJB Consulting, LLC in 2013, and over the past four years, has helped hundreds of people rewrite their career narrative, guiding them into fabulous new jobs and helping them take their careers in new directions. Her expertise is in one-on-one coaching, professional messaging, LinkedIn profile narrative, powerful networking strategy in person and online, and helping navigate career transitions, pivots, reboots, and reinventions.


    Prior to creating her own firm, she worked in the field of Human Resources for 15+ years and brings insight from all sides of the hiring desk -- from recruiting and hiring to coaching and training. She shares a rich blend of expertise in Hiring Trends & Practices, Social Media, Talent & Skill Development, Executive Recruiting, and Personal Career Counseling.

    Her impressive outcomes, distinctive approach, and winning designs of career communication documents and savvy social media profiles has earned her the distinction of being rated as "One of the World’s Top-performing Career Consultants on Upwork.com" and Talent Cloud/Writer Team Builder Group. She is a proud member of LinkedIn's Pro Finders Talent Group.


    Belinda holds her PHR - National Certification in Professional Human Resources from HCRI, Marketing Certification from Hub Spot, along with professional degrees and certifications in Human Resources and Advanced Training & Development Education.


    Winner of LinkedIn ProFinders Small Business Contest - 2017 https://www.linkedin.com/profinder/blog/small-business-contest-winners-announced